Businesses: Succession Planning

Whether a business is a for-profit or non-profit organization, one of management's key goals is always that a successor is ready to fill a key position upon vacancy. In succession planning, managers pinpoint employees at risk to leave and the resulting impact on the company, examine bench strength of current employees, profile position requirements, analyze employees' skill sets to forecast readiness for promotion and identify potential successors. Developing internal talent can be a significant source of savings, considering external recruitment and training can be twice as expensive as finding internal replacements.

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Individuals: Estate Planning

A carefully prepared estate plan will allow an individual to achieve many goals: ensuring the financial security of your spouse; determining what should be left to the children and how their inheritances should be handled if they are young; disposing of the family business; minimizing the effects of taxes on your estate; empowering a reliable executor and trustee to invest and manage the assets in your estate, and many more.

Effective estate planning often requires more than a simple will. Life insurance proceeds, for example, usually are not governed by the terms of a will. Neither are benefits payable from a retirement plan. Yet, such assets loom large in many estates. Your planning should encompass all the financial resources that can be used to attain your goals. Comprehensive estate planning demands teamwork. With you at the helm, our estate planning specialists can help you and your advisors design a plan to fulfill your objectives and develop the best estate plan for you and your family.